Language Courses

Every lesson takes 90 minutes and includes a variation of different activities to improve your language skills. The participants determine the topics, the level and the speed of the course. The language courses take place at your company or your home.

  • Types of courses: private lessons or group lessons with up to 10 participants
  • Levels: every course starts with a test to evaluate the participants
  • Service for your company: educate your employees at your company
  • Certificate: I provide certificates for every language course


Do you still use google translate and wonder about the results? That’s alrght for your private communication, but what about your professional communication? Stop that and let me translate your documents for you!


Simplify your communication with German business partners and enhance your understanding on linguistic and cultural levels.

I am your expert for English and German in the area of Schwäbisch Hall (+50km/30m). I offer my service to individuals, companies and schools.

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